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ALTIUS v 5.4 Now Available!

Posted by: In: ALTIUS 22 Jun 2018 Comments: 0

Lin & Associates is proud to announce that ALTIUS HI-Performance HMI Solution v. 5.4 Patent Pending! Now available for Honeywell Experion R500. This latest release contains many of the features and functionality that you have seen in the prior releases!  Review the new advancements and improvements implemented in the ALTIUS product line:

+ Improve graphic invocation time for graphics utilizing Ramp controller, Controller and/or Controller valves combination

+ Digital alarm shapes capable of trip indication on state not just alarming

+ Save and Configure data sets for Group and Trend Widgets uniquly per process graphic or static

+ PV State characters customizable per stylesheet definitions

+ DPA (L1) shapes improvements and consistent functionality

+ Improved SCADA shapes for indication when point scanning is disabled

+ Artifact alarm removal – Instances of shapes showing emergency alarm when the point is not in alarm (no alarm icon)

+ Static library templates provided cleaned up

*ALTIUS v 5.4 is Patent Pending

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