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Emerson Global User Exchange

Posted by: In: 2011, Conference 29 Oct 2011 Comments: 0

This year’s event was held at the Gaylord Hotel and convention center in Nashville, TN and attended by approximately 2,800 folks. The buzz this year was led by the CHARMS I/O, SIS CHARMS (in Version 12) virtualization (in Version 12), DetlaV simulate – stand alone – on a USB stick, USB management of all of all ports on all boxes on the network, the use of temporary licenses for start-up and commissioning, and advanced alarm management (V13 or V14).
Emerson really touted their emphasis on implementing user centered design into their products at the platform level. We attended quite a few break-out sessions that employed this as a consistent theme. Emerson also chairs a consortium (similar to ASM) called COP – Center of Operator Performance – some interesting ideas coming from this group.
The workshops and break-out sessions were split were between product/service update, control system modernization, business intelligence, optimization, and all off the ‘Pig-Iron’ stuff.  A bonus is the Demo floor, it looked like a scaled down ISA show, making it nice to put your hands on a lot of different instrumentation that is installed in the industry.

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