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GUS Graphic Package

Lin & Associates‘ GUS Graphics Package for Honeywell TPS systems delivers an intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface that gives the operator a better chance of success during a plant upset. Control Engineers will appreciate the included tools for efficiently modifying and updating the operator’s environment.

The GUS Graphic Package includes:
  • A standard library of embedded displays (subpictures)
  • Custom faceplate with history and trending
  • Complete trend display package
  • GUS Group-graphic displays similar to Native Window groups
  • Template displays
  • Common scripting examples for the advanced user

All components of Lin & Associates’ GUS Graphics Package follow best-practice display system construction, closely integrating with Alarm Management, Data Archival, and Instrument Maintenance functions. The package closely represents Abnormal Situation Management® (ASM) and industry-accepted human factors guidelines.

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