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Widgets_74x74Lin & Associates, Inc., Widgets are highly functional accessories enabling operators to more closely monitor selected aspects of the process flow. Utilizing additional widescreen space without stretching the process graphic, Widgets allow for a more customized workspace displaying valuable information at a mere glance. Using the Drag-n-Drop feature, operators can easily choose what additional data they prefer to have on-screen allowing for a more personalized workflow to better ensure any point fluctuations will not go unnoticed.

  • Situated on the left utilizing additional widescreen space, operators can have up to 3 separate Widgets running at once
  • Arrangement and combination of Widgets is fully customizable
  • Configuration of Widget information can be set to any security level
  • Widgets are tied to individual displays and will update data when the display changes; some Widgets can be set to not update
Popular Widgets include:

Trend Widget
  • Customizable 4 point trend
  • Operator limit indication (trace line thickness)
  • Monitor several different time intervals by clicking preset buttons or manually entering specific timeframes

Group Widget
  • Customizable 4 point group
  • Operates just like faceplates allowing for quick changes
  • Interactive, allowing operators to change setpoint, output, and mode
New Widgets are constantly in development, so please inquire for specifications or custom designs at info@linandassociates.com!