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XMC™ Model-less Multivariable Constraint Control and Optimization Technology

XMC™ is an affordable and scalable multivariable control solution that offers an alternative to the high cost and complexity of conventional model-based solutions. XMC™ delivers high-performance control plus comprehensive features, to meet industry’s diverse application needs. XMC™ is a model-less, matrix-based application that is scalable and agile making it a complete multivariable control solution.

And because XMC™ is designed to be deployed and supported using in-house resources, adopting XMC™ is seamless and intuitive.

The Benefits of XMC™

Provides a cost-effective, scalable and agile path forward
  • Life-cycle costs and deployment times are a fraction of conventional model-based solutions
  • Scalable from conventional large-matrix applications down to industry’s many small applications that in the past did not justify the cost.
  • Designed to be deployed and supported in-house, so that XMC™ can serve as the general purpose readily available tool that industry has long needed
Delivers high-performance control with comprehensive features
  • XMC™ control combines a directional move solver, pre-selected move rates, and patent-pending Rate-Based Control (RBC™), to deliver high performance constraint control and optimization
  • XMC features include integrator control, dead-time control, super-position control, override control, limit biases, move multipliers and more, to meet the needs of industry’s diverse and demanding applications.