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Projects: 2011


Lin & Associates’ scope for the oxygen enrichment project consisted of modifying pre-existing SRU regulatory control schemes to include oxygen enrichment and DCS configurations of logic points. The project site consisted of two sulfur plants, each with two train operations, on HPM through FSC integration via SMM (Safety Manger Module). Lin and Associates built the HPM and SMM database, designed and built Honeywell TPS GUS process graphics and safety interlock graphics. We hosted a 5 week in-house FAT with online HPM and FSC system, fully integrated. On site Lin and Associates will perform site system loading, loop-checks, SAT, and 24 hour start-up support all beginning early 2012.


Lin & Associates’ project scope was to develop DeltaV HMI graphics and perform SCADA configuration for interface points for a copper mining water field system. The new DeltaV graphics were modeled from existing RSView graphics and P&ID’s. The project utilized existing standards from the current DeltaV system, and the existing DeltaV Dynamo object library, with custom Dynamo objects built as needed. Third party OPC integration software was configured to establish communication between the DeltaV SCADA database and the local PLC databases. To test the configuration an on-site loop check was performed from the field to the DCS graphics. On-site implementation in early 2012 will include loading the SCADA database of approximately 1200 interface points onto an existing application station.


Lin & Associates provided the HMI development for a natural gas combined cycle generating facility. The systems include a compressor station, pipeline gas management yard, gas yard and two metering stations. The project consisted of building approximately 20 process graphics, 60 control diagram pop-ups, 20 control sheets, and over 1400 SCADA interface points into the Ovation DCS. Devices within Ovation were configured to communication through Allen Bradley ControlLogixs and MicroLogix protocols. On-site implementation was scheduled during a seasonal outage, allowing for thorough testing and loop-checking of control functionality through the appropriate PLC communication.


Lin and Associates provided consultation in developing graphic and configuration standards for the addition of an SIS system at the plant. Using these standards, a database, custom SIS shape library, shutdown graphics, and startup graphics were designed in the Honeywell Experion® R400. Lin and Associates was then an integral part of the FAT process, as well as site installation, loop-checks, and start-up of the new SIS system.


Lin and Associates provided on-site DCS support for a major US refinery for a period of 1 year; currently this project scope timeline has been extended an additional 6 months. This support included attending MOC, Hazop, and other standard meeting requests as well as completing small DCS projects ranging from new implementation to back logged maintenance. The DCS knowledge of Lin and Associates’ engineers working on-site ranged from Honeywell TPS to Experion® C300.


Lin & Associates’ scope was to create a virtual testing system using VMware and Honeywell Experion® R400 allowing the client to test configurations, graphics, and conduct training. We applied VMware virtual environment ESXi Host machine, vCenter Server “Management node”, non-redundant EPKS R400 server, C300 simulation control environment, and console station. Collaboration with the client was essential to find a common solution that was easily expandable where additional needs may arise. Lin and Associates also designed and built sample high performance HMI graphics, using our latest Advanced Graphic Package V4.0. After on-site execution of the installation, check-out and sign-off, our goals include: achieving management, engineering, and operator ASM training, and Experion® graphics presentation to operations.


Lin & Associates’ scope for the reformer project consisted of configuring the DCS/SCADA databases on Experion R400, creating Honeywell HMI process, safety interlock, and start-up graphics, and the modification of the databases and graphics for an operator training simulator system (OTS). The project site consisted the following equipment: Packinox exchanger, furnace, reactor, separator, recycle gas compressor, debutanizer, net gas compressor, and UOP Cyclemax II regeneration system. Lin and Associates performed the DCS configuration for all the standard IO devices, Fieldbus Foundation devices via FIM4 (Fieldbus Interface Module), and PCDI (Peer Control Data Interface). Lin and Associates will also perform FAT, iFAT, site system loading, loop-checks, SAT, and 24 hour start-up support for the completion of this project in late 2012.