Honeywell Experion PKS

Lin & Associates’ Honeywell Experion PKS experience spans from the first release to the latest release of Experion. We have completed numerous Honeywell Experion projects for C200/C300, SCADA databases and graphics. Recent projects include the integration of C200 controllers with PM I/O, C300 with series C I/O, HMIWeb graphics, FSC safety system interfaces, and Allen-Bradley CNI integration.

We build and test in-house on R2XX and R3XX Experion equipment including Servers, C200 controllers with I/O, C300 Controllers with Series C I/O, ACE, eServer, and FTE. We provide complete Experion services including full system setup and integration with existing TDC/TPS nodes. Lin & Associates is uniquely qualified to support your site from TDC2000 through Honeywell Experion PKS.

System Specification/Design and Implementation (C-200, C-300, ESVT)

  • SCADA Interfaces & Point Configuration
  • Network Configuration (FTE)
  • Cisco Switch Configuration
  • EST/ESC Station Software Loading and Setup
  • Configure Station .STN Files Specific for each Workstation
  • Configure Asset and Alarm Group Assignments for each Console
  • Configure Experion Console and All Attributes
  • Configure Workstation to Automatically Start Station Upon Login
  • Safeview Configuration
  • Set-up File Replication for All Stations and Servers
  • Set-up Workstation Security Based on Site Standard
  • Configure Printers
  • Configure DSA
  • Configure Station Toolbar
  • Configuration Utility / Control Builder
  • Module and Control Configuration
  • Complex Controls and Logic
  • UCM/RCM/SCM Programming
  • HMI Web Display Builder
  • OPC DA Server / OPC Integrator

Lin & Associates has also developed the ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” for Honeywell Experion PKS HMI Web Graphics that delivers an intuitive, user-friendly process control interface—better tools that ensure a better chance of success during a plant upset. The package includes Lin & Associates’ ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”Three-Tier Navigation MenuLoopWatch Monitor, and Safety System/Startup Graphics, as well as useful engineering tools that will help Control Engineers and systems personnel make efficient modifications and updates to the operator’s environment. Currently, ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” is available for Experion R210/211, R300/301, R400/R410, and the newest Experion R411. These packages greatly improve functionality without any degrading performance. We believe that once you see this package you will want it for your operations.


Lin & Associates has extensive and in-depth background in TPS and TDC3000 systems. Our unique expertise, combined with our experience in industrial processes and controls, enables us to provide a full range of engineering services, including:

  • Control system specification and implementation
  • GUS and Native Window graphics and subpictures
  • Network Configuration File (NCF) development
  • History Module (HM) Initialization
  • Process Network (LCN/UCN) Configuration
  • Point database, custom logs/reports, button configuration
  • Area database configuration
  • CLM (Computer Link Module) configuration
  • PHD (historical data) setup and support
  • EPLCG configuration and 3rd party interfaces
  • AM/APP node configuration and development
  • Programming in xPM/CL, AM/CL, and Visual Basic
  • Control Ethernet network configuration, including domain controllers, backups, and security.


Lin & Associates’ engineers are also experts on TDC2000, HS4500/45000, Basic Controllers, Advanced Multifunction Controllers, Data Hiways, and Basic Operator Stations (BOS). We can support your existing system and help you convert to the latest technologies with a methodical, low-risk approach.

We provide the following services and more:

  • BOS conversion to TDC, TPS, or Honeywell Experion.
  • Data Hiway conversion to UCN or Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE)
  • 4500/45000 conversion to App node
  • Basic Controller conversion to HPM or C200
  • TDC2000 Group operating philosophy change to GUS or HMIWeb graphics including graphics development and custom operator training

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