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Lin and Associates, Inc’s., extensive product list now has bundling and licensing options. Under the ALTIUS umbrella, you pick and choose the software packages that suit your specific operational needs because no two facilities are the same. Furthermore, to make the installation and management of our products more streamlined and efficient, each package includes our powerful toolkit and Application Center. Find out just why our proven reliable and effective products have been implemented in multiple refineries and plants across the globe.

ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”

Born from client need and ever-evolving, ALTIUS "HI-Performance HMI Solution" delivers a graphics library designed around performance, enabling more efficient plant operations, improved situation awareness, and display optimization. Bundle the Advanced Graphic Library, Three-Tier Navigation Menu, LoopWatch Monitor, Dashboard Library, LimitWatch, Widgets, Alarm Informant, and SIS Graphics Library for a complete full-plant HMI solution! ALTIUS is currently compatible with Honeywell Experion PKS, Emerson DeltaV, and Yokogawa, with further development on additional platforms; please inquire regarding compatibility.

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* ALTIUS Patent Pending
** ALTIUS, and the various products within, will vary depending on your system, call for an assessment: 1 800 758 9681

How ALTIUS Benefits You . . .
Greater operator effectiveness and efficiency for successful plant operations
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface based on Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) guidelines
  • Enhanced menu navigation increasing operator effectiveness
  • Qualitative process data indication utilizing operating limits to encourage proactive operations and situational awareness
  • Monitor critical process points with greater ease and respond to crucial alarm indicators faster
  • Utilize additional widescreen space with our finely-tuned Widgets
Easy maintainability and less operational confusion
  • Consistent operator interface achieved using ALTIUS engineering framework
  • Pre-built style sheets utilizing ASM
  • “Smart” shape library
  • Safety Instrumented System shapes for Interlock Logic Flow Chart graphics
  • Engineering tools to assist in modifying and updating operating environment
  • Upgrade tools including alarm group builder, displays per tag analysis, and style sheet merging

XMC™ Model-less Multivariable Constraint Control and Optimization Technology

XMC™ is an affordable and scalable multivariable control solution that offers an alternative to the high cost and complexity of conventional model-based solutions. XMC™ delivers high-performance control plus comprehensive features, to meet industry’s diverse application needs. XMC™ is a model-less, matrix-based application that is scalable and agile making it a complete multivariable control solution.

And because XMC™ is designed to be deployed and supported using in-house resources, adopting XMC™ is seamless and intuitive.

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