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    ALTIUS® “HI-Performance HMI Solution”

    ALTIUS "Hi-Performance HMI Solution"

    ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” is a patented and distinct HMI solution.  It has incorporated years of feedback and real-life production-tested results to deliver a complete HMI solution with a comprehensive graphic library, added high-quality applications and robust set of tools for plant personnel. This solution is a one-of-a-kind that provides improved situational awareness and HMI performance in an intuitive environment allowing operations to be more efficient and successful.  Learn More

    How can this benefit you…

    • Proactive situational awareness and early process unit deviation
    • Improve mitigation of alarms and abnormal conditions
    • Greater operator effectiveness and efficiency for successful plant operations
    • Easy maintainability and less operational confusion


    DELTUM is an affordable and scalable multivariable control solution offering an alternative to the high cost and complexity of conventional model-based solutions. DELTUM delivers high-performance control plus comprehensive features, meeting the industry’s diverse application needs. DELTUM-XMC, an imbedded patented technology, is a model-less, matrix-based application that is scalable and agile making it a complete multivariable control solution. Learn More

    How can this benefit you…

    • Cost-effective scalable and agile multivariable solution
    • High performance control for diverse and demanding applications
    • Easy deployment and support using in-house resources

    PI Vision Solution

    The Lin & Associates’ (L&A) solution is a product designed to remove the manual conversion and maintenance effort associated with building PI VisionTM graphics. Our solution streamlines this process, providing PI Vision graphics identical to the DCS graphics that operating personnel are familiar with.  Learn More

    How can this benefit you…

    • Support site PI Vision display requirements by creating and updating displays in minutes.
    • PI Vision and DCS displays become unmistakably aligned and accurate.
    • Saving conversion preferences assists and simplifies the ongoing maintenance of your PI displays.
    • Leveraging a tool to perform the bulk of the work at a huge cost savings when compared to the tedious, manual display conversion process.

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