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Alarm Management

Alarm overload is a constant nuisance for most plant operators. Lin & Associates can help you rein in your alarm database with our alarm management services. We can assist you in developing an alarm philosophy, producing a master alarm database, and providing methods for enforcing and maintaining the database. Using a practical, common sense approach, we can help you apply the recommendations from the Engineering Equipment Manufacturers and Users Association (EEUMA) Alarm System Philosophy Guide (Publication 191) to your site’s operation.

Lin & Associates believes that Alarm Management Design must be addressed at the source of the alarm. Add-on software is useful for analyzing alarm overload data after the fact, but it is of little use real-time. We can provide you with an alarm management design and maintenance program based on years of operating experience in refining and petrochemical plants:

  • Alarm Rationalization
  • Master Alarm Database Development
  • Alarm Grouping
  • Customized ACM Interface
  • Honeywell ACM Product Implementation