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Experion® Advanced Graphic Library

Lin & Associates‘ Advanced Graphic Library for Experion® PKS HMIWeb Graphics provides an engineering framework for the creation of a complete Experion operator interface solution. The package includes easy-to-use tools and field-tested libraries of HMIWeb “shapes” which provide important operations and engineering improvements:

  • Enhanced display performance
  • Consistent, uncluttered operator interface design
  • Pre-built shortcuts to common operational functions
  • On-going maintenance of the display subsystem
  • Ease of use, documentation, and support

Package Features:

  • Libraries of configurable shapes for C200/C300/ACE, TPS, and SCADA points
  • Pre-built shortcut menus with operator functionality not found in the standard Experion® product
  • Style sheet editing tool. The shape library also includes a pre-built style sheet.
  • Tool which creates Experion® “alarm groups” using existing displays
  • Pre-built shape which allows the operator to modify the display appearance while it is being viewed
  • Pre-built shape which allows the operator to specify critical values to watch
  • Templates for displays
  • Additional faceplate displays not found in the standard Experion® product
  • Full documentation

Lin & Associates’ Advanced Graphic Library provides a “smart” shape library designed to make the job of display building and maintenance much simpler. Options and features on each shape allow greater flexibility, reduce the overall number of shapes required, and thereby reduce engineering costs. The shapes are constructed to closely represent and operate using Abnormal Situation Management® (ASM) and industry-accepted human factors guidelines.

Shape Library features:

  • Consistent alarm color usage
  • Consistent presentation of information
  • Colors, font styles, sizes, and line widths which are easily changeable with the style sheet editing tool
  • Viewable Alarm disable status
  • Configurable controller modes representation
  • Unacknowledged alarm indication
  • Graphical and numerical control valve output
  • Dynamic equipment—outline of the shape displays alarm information
  • Over 50 dynamic C200/C300 shapes
  • Over 30 dynamic TPS shapes
  • SCADA shapes with same look and feel as C200/TPS shapes
  • Over 30 static shapes for towers, vessels, heat exchangers, etc.

Optional Features:

  • Custom faceplates
  • Safety System shapes for Interlock Logic Flow Chart graphics

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