Lin & Associates has completed many projects that include DCS Configuration, High-Performance HMI design, Alarm Management, and more.

These projects have been performed on multiple DCS platforms like Honeywell, Emerson, & Yokogawa. The projects described are merely a sampling of the projects completed annually over the last 5 years:

Advanced Controls Clean-up

Lin & Associates’ purpose for this project was to provide identification, documentation and implementation details concerning the conversion of all advanced regulatory controls and DCS-based calculations to Honeywell Experion® PKS. Applications that are no longer useful will be identified for removal.

A site trip was made to collect the database from 2 LCN systems including configuration files from History Modules (HM), points and parameters from the AMs, UCNs, and HIWAYs, LCN name outputs, CL blocks, sequence programs, all displays from GUS and Native Windows, information files from APP nodes, and PHD point list.

We delivered detailed documentation contain the information noted from the review and the path forward, identification of features in graphics and programs that are not easily translated into Experion, and identification of interdependencies between “units” to expose problems that may arise during a phased transition to Experion.

Line Divider 200ctCrude Console Alarm Management

Lin & Associates completed a crude console alarm management project that consisted of the rationalization, implementation with Honeywell’s Experion® alarm management software suite, graphic modification, shape updates, general alarm philosophy updates, and training for operation on the new tools and philosophies.

We collected and analyzed the entire unit database providing a list of standing alarms and worst actors and any anomalies or exceptions with the alarm philosophy with regards to current configurations.

Lin & Associates in house alarm management tools and system testing availability ensured that the Alarm Rationalization’s QA/QC was maximized for the operations group and the engineering group.

Experion System Upgrade

Lin & Associates had a rare opportunity to showcase our vast knowledge of the Honeywell Experion® systems. A customer came to us expressing frustration in upgrading their Experion releases.

We proposed a solution that would save the client unneeded expenses as well as time. The client sent Lin & Associates a subset of their Experion system (2 servers, 4 flex stations, 2 Cisco switches, and redundant pair of C300 controllers).

In-house we were able to connect, run, and upgrade their entire system and send it back. We also provided on-site time to oversee the initial start-up.

Honeywell US to EXPERION® HMIWEB Conversion

Lin & Associates converted roughly 200 Native Window graphics to Experion® PKS – utilizing the Lin & Associates’ ALTIUS Package – in 4 phases. L&A worked alongside the client to a task analysis and workshop to develop a style guide incorporating ASM guidelines.

These styles were then utilized to develop HMI displays encompassing Level 2, 3, and 4 graphics.  L&A created custom solutions for the client, which involved 33 custom shapes and step sequence solutions for the US graphics’ equivalent.

Per L&A’s standard, each graphic went through a thorough QA/QC check and operator verification process prior to final implementation and operator sign off. And finally, a two-day instructor-led training course for engineers and operators was also provided.

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