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DCS Configuration

Lin & Associates’ in-house DCS systems provide us with the tools and support required for our internal development, quality control and system knowledge. Most importantly, our in-house systems allow us to solve real control system problems with real solutions. Our direct system knowledge and testing enables us to deliver superior products and services.
  • System Integration
  • Control System Specification
  • Network Configuration
  • Database Development and Implementation
  • Database Standards Development
  • Complex Control Scheme Design
  • Control System Audits
  • Controller Tuning, Dynamic Response Models
  • Advanced Applications Development
  • DCS Migrations
  • Alarm Management/Rationalization
  • Instrumentation Specification

Lin & Associates has experience in multiple projects with ABB and Bailey systems. From design to implementation and acceptance testing, Lin & Associates will work hard to ensure that your ABB/Bailey project is a success. Read More

Emerson DeltaV

Lin & Associates has DeltaV experienced staff ready to design, build, install, and commission your DeltaV projects. We maintain an Emerson DeltaV system in-house to allow us to fully build and test your system before it is installed. Read More


Lin & Associates’ Experion PKS experience spans from the first release to the latest release of Experion. We have completed numerous Experion projects for C200/C300, SCADA databases and graphics. Recent projects include the integration of C200 controllers with PM I/O, C300 with series C I/O, HMIWeb graphics, FSC safety system interfaces, and Allen-Bradley CNI integration. Read More


Lin & Associates has a Yokogawa CS3000 and Centum VP engineering system with Test Function in house and we are currently working on a graphics project providing Linked Parts and graphics for a large petrochemical plant using fieldbus. We are ready to execute your Yokogawa graphics, database, or 3rd party interface projects. Read More

DCS Configuration Staging/Testing

Lin & Associates maintains Honeywell TDC/TPS/Experion, Emerson DeltaV, and Yokogawa Centum VP systems with I/O racks and fieldbus interfaces in our office. We build and fully test your system before we load the system on site.

Because we can build and test in-house, your Honeywell Experion PKS, Emerson DeltaV, ABB/Bailey, Yokogawa CS300, and Centum VP conversion projects will be more predictable and complete. Simply send Lin & Associates your system documentation, and we will convert it to the system of your choice. Then, using our internal systems, we will load your new database, test it along with the new graphics, and provide detailed documentation for engineer or operator training.