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    Lin and Associates’ DELTUM is a Model-less Multivariable Control technology that is an agile and affordable advanced process control solution for many small and mid-sized applications. DELTUM applications can be deployed with lower cost, shorter schedule, and less maintenance and support requirements, than conventional model-based multivariable control technology, while delivering reliable high performance multivariable control.

    Key Benefits:

    • Lower cost multivariable control solution
    • Shorter time to deploy or modify (weeks, not months)
    • Lower maintenance and support needs
    • Less complex technology, easier to own and operate
    • Lower total cost of ownership

    DELTUM-XMC is suitable for many multivariable applications that have historically remained “below the radar” of the high cost threshold of conventional multivariable control. XMC provides a low-cost rapid-deployment solution for such applications as heater pass balancing, distillation columns, and hydrotreater sulfur control. XMC can even capture the primary benefits in many historically complex large-matrix applications, such as crude oil distillation columns, hydrocracking reactors, and coking units.

    DELTUM incorporates patented Rate-Predictive Control (RPC) as its internal control algorithm.  RPC is inherently adaptive to changes in process gain, which has been a persistent vulnerability of model-based control.  RPC can also be applied in single-loop applications, as an alternative to PID, to address historically difficult loops, such as those with nonlinear gain, dead-time, or inverse response.

    Additional Features:

    • Scalable and suitable for many historically “below the radar” applications
    • Incorporates patented Rate-Predictive Control (RPC)
    • RPC can be applied to demanding single-loop control applications

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