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Operator Interface development of process graphics for operating personnel at refineries and chemical plants is one of Lin & Associates’ specialties. We can use your existing graphic standards, help you develop a standard as part of the job, or use our customizable standards.

Our latest GUS and HMIWeb graphic packages represent some of the best practices of Abnormal Situation Management® (ASM) and industry-accepted human factors guidelines.

  • Operator Keyboard Configuration
  • Custom Report Development and Installation
  • Graphic Building, Compiling, and Debugging
  • Customized Shape Development
  • Development of Graphic Standards
  • Complete Graphics Documentation

Lin & Associates takes pride in delivering highly functional, intuitive, clean, and consistent operational graphics. Our development process maintains graphical standards throughout a project, and our in-house systems enable us to extensively test all custom shapes or subpictures needed for your project.

A 20-Step Quality Control Checklist is followed for each graphic display and a detailed sign-off sheet is completed during on-site acceptance. By following these internal building processes, Lin & Associates can deliver quality, efficiency, and accuracy on every project.

ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”:

Lin & Associates has also developed the ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” for Honeywell Experion PKS HMI Web Graphics that delivers an intuitive, user-friendly process control interface—better tools that ensure a better chance of success during a plant upset.

The package includes Lin & Associates’ ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”, Three-Tier Navigation Menu, LoopWatch Monitor, and Safety System/Startup Graphics, as well as useful engineering tools that will help Control Engineers and systems personnel make efficient modifications and updates to the operator’s environment.

Experion Graphic Package:

Lin & Associates has recently released Advanced Graphic Package R3.2 for Honeywell Experion® PKS R310. This package is loaded with a rich set of features designed to enhance operator effectiveness with Honeywell Experion PKS. Click here for details and feature highlights of our Experion® Advanced Graphic Library.

GUS Graphic Package:

Lin & Associates has also developed a GUS Graphics Package for use on Honeywell TPS GUS systems. This package not only contains a complete library of subpictures, but it also bundles custom tools that enable Control Engineers and systems personnel to efficiently modify and update the operator’s environment.

All components of the Lin & Associates GUS Graphics Package follow best-practice display system construction, closely integrating with Alarm Management, Data Archival, and Instrument Maintenance functions. Click here for details and feature highlights of our GUS Graphic Package.


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