PI Solution

ALTIUS® on PI Vision

If you are going to develop a PI Vision symbol library why not start from the industry-proven, patented ALTIUS Hi-Performance HMI Solution – Advanced Graphic Library.  This PI symbol library follows the Aveva PI Vision extensibility guidelines and is packed with features.

HMI Converter

An HMI Converter that contains more than just the ability to convert from one platform to the next. This tool analyzes the existing DCS graphics and provide details around PI symbol and point availability helping to identify possible gaps with historized data. The export step creates the new PI Vision displays, identical in layout, proportion, and symbol usage directly on the PI Vision server. Now with minimal effort you can convert ANY Experion graphic direction to PI Vision and all those PI Vision displays can be supported and maintained with accuracy.

How can this benefit you…

  • Consistent visualization of historical process data
  • See exactly what site Operators see on their DCS
  • Advanced visual features for clear understanding

How can this benefit you…

  • Convert multiple displays from a directory within minutes
  • Analyze DCS displays noting any symbols or points that may be missing from PI.
  • Save conversion configuration settings for continual PI graphic maintenance
  • Clean user-friendly interface showing progress and guiding you through each step

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