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    XMC™ Model-less Multivariable Control & Optimization Technology

    XMC™ is a model-less multivariable constraint control and optimization technology. By eliminating dependence on detailed models, XMC™ is less expensive, less complex, more agile, and more user-friendly, at every life-cycle stage, than traditional model-based technology. XMC™ utilizes patent-pending Rate-Based Control (RBC™), which is adaptive, predictive and delivers reliable multivariable control performance, without models!

    Consider XMC™ for your next multivariable control application and say good-bye to big costs, third-party resources, and long lead times.

    Loop Tuning Surveys and Training

    Learn why loop tuning and multivariable control modeling have both become continuous, rather than one-time, tasks. (Hint: the tasks share a common root cause!) Lin & Associates’ experienced control consultants can quickly carry out a site tuning survey, share the results with your control engineers, and conduct training in Reliability-Based Tuning (RBT™) methods that eliminate tuning rework.

    Hydrocracking Reactor Control

    Most hydrocracking reactors in the oil refining industry today are under-automated and lack a sensible, safe and effective set of base-layer controls. In particular, operating a highly exothermic reaction vessel, without reliable bed outlet temperature controls, no longer makes common sense, and should no longer pass a modern process hazard analysis (PHA) review.

    Read more about L&A’s comprehensive, money-saving and performance-enhancing solution for hydrocracking reactor control.

    Process Control Unit Studies

    Reliability and safety are the main challenges facing the process industries today, and process control is one of the best solutions. But when a process unit is not meeting reliability or performance expectations, many sites aren’t sure where to turn. Contact L&A to carry out a Process Control Unit Study, including a reliability analysis, tuning health survey, best practice controls survey, and multivariable control performance audit.

    Multivariable Control Performance Audits

    Industry has installed over a thousand model-based multivariable controllers (MPC), but a large percentage has fallen well below performance and profit expectations. Before spending more on “re-modeling” or “performance monitoring”, contact L&A and engage one of industry’s leading MPC performance experts to conduct a performance audit and explore alternative solutions going forward.

    Distillation Control

    Distillation accounts for up to half of an oil refinery’s total energy bill. Wherever the reboiler or reflux is not in cascade mode, which is surprisingly often, 5-10{e28fe0337a0759d53bc49715c4b15eb0874fa26a686af72020b59b8291420bf8} of this energy can potentially be saved, in addition to product quality improvements. Contact L&A for energy-saving solutions to common distillation control problems.

    Inferential Control

    Inferential control is the most profitable part of traditional multivariable control. Inferentials can also be implemented without multivariable control (or in conjunction with XMC™) to capture the benefits of inferentials without the costs of traditional large model-based multivariable control projects. Contact L&A to get on the path to “high-bar” inferential performance.


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