Alarm Informant

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Alarm Informant is a DCS-independent application that provides a central location for alarm settings and related documentation. This information helps describe the causes, recommended responses and potential consequences of an alarm and the process to safely handle the alarm when it occurs. With the wealth of information that the ACM contains it can be very difficult for an operator or engineer to quickly and correctly obtain needed alarm information. Lin & Associates’ Alarm Informant is designed to provide this information to operators easily, with access from any operational graphic. This allows operators to gain access to necessary alarm conditions or warnings related to the process while still managing the processes at his/her station. This keeps the operators focused by eliminating the need to navigate away from a particular display.

Features Include:

  • Easily Accessible Data
  • Alarm Priority Specific Information
  • Auto Navigation to Alarm Actions/Scenarios
  • Displays separate DCS & ACM settings
  • Discrepancy Indication between DCS & ACM Alarm settings
  • Seamless Shape Integration
  • Communication with Variety of ACM providers

Lin & Associates’ Alarm Informant is a powerful tool that has been meet with high reviews within the industry. It can easily be implemented into any currently running Experion® PKS system using any shape package.
Lin & Associates’ LoopWatch is a configurable application that enables the operator to assign and monitor important process points without needing to view the associated display. This gives the operator the ability to perform other tasks while monitoring critical process points and responding to normal alarm indicators. LoopWatch utilizes a custom algorithm to monitor values, and calls attention to deviations by displaying a small arrow next to the value. Clicking the arrow reveals a trend showing a change in the point’s value within the specified time. Clicking the numeric value displays a configurable trend. The operator can customize the displayed trend, from 20 minutes to 8 hours.

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