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Lin and Associates is offering exclusive training courses to Chevron employees. Below is a brief description of the three courses available. To reserve a spot in this unique training opportunity, please click the link to the right.

Experion PKS-TPS Connected System Overview

In today’s production environment, Honeywell’s Experion PKS is often paired with an existing Honeywell TPS. Along with bringing added capability and flexibility, that pairing adds many new concepts, interfaces, acronyms, and configuration challenges.

This 5-day class is designed to equip the student already familiar with TPS with the knowledge required to effectively participate in the planning, configuration, and implementation of the Experion PKS-TPS installation. The class, taught by experienced project engineers, includes many hands-on exercises designed to reinforce the extensive list of covered topics.

HMIWeb Display Builder/ALTIUS Implementation

The ALTIUS Hi-Performance HMI Solution from Lin and Associates provides a product portfolio designed for efficient and effective configuration and operation. Based on ASM standards, ALTIUS bundles the Advanced Graphic Library, Three-Tier Navigation Menu, LoopWatch monitor, Dashboard Library, Limit Watch, Widgets, and Alarm informant.

When added to Honeywell Experion PKS, ALTIUS is configured using Honeywell’s Configuration Studio - HMIWeb Display Builder along with specific SafeView layouts. This 5-day class is designed to provide the student with the knowledge required to use ALTIUS products and tools to build an effective HMI for optimal operation. The student will learn the basics of HMIWeb display building and scripting, along with comprehensive detail on configuration with the various ALTIUS products. The class includes hands-on exercises along with coaching from experienced project engineers.

C300 Database Configuration - Application

After learning the mechanics of Honeywell Control Builder, discovering the various C300 Function Blocks available, and practicing Control Module building/editing/loading, often the next question is “How do I use this knowledge to satisfy real-world control requirements?”

This 5-day class is designed to address that question. The extensive hands-on labs have no step-by-step procedures, supplying instead control narratives, P&IDs, and coaching from experienced project engineers/instructors. The students develop and configure their own control strategies to satisfy the lab requirements. They then load, test, and fine-tune their strategies using assigned C300s, Experion Servers, and operating displays.