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This year’s Honeywell Users Group (HUG) reminds us of experiences years ago. Our host, Honeywell, all of the speakers and trainers did an outstanding job as always and it is exciting to see the attendance continue to rise year after year.  Many of you may have missed Lin & Associates in the demo room this year, unfortunately we were unable have a booth.  While overcoming some challenges we found huge success this year and a more focused and captivated audience.

The highlights this year consisted of the newly branded ALTIUS “Hi-Performance HMI Solution”, developed for Experion® R400 & R410. Without the constrains of the demo room hours, fatigue from standing, distractions, or interruption, Lin & Associates kept demonstrations running from 8am to 6pm.  This allowed us to really listen to our guests’ needs and suggestions. We received great positive feedback and look to build on the success.  Next year will prove to be another challenge for Lin & Associates as the venue has changed to San Antonio, Texas for 2014, but as always we are committed to exceeding expectations and providing the professional excellence our clients deserve.

If you were unable to see a full demonstration of ALTIUS please contact us, to schedule a personalized WebEx demonstration.

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Lin & Associates is proud to introduce our newest solution for your engineering needs – ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”.  Gear up with our latest release with optimized infrastructure & performance!  ALTIUS will be your toolkit for scaling to the highest peaks of efficiency.  Review the new features implemented in the existing product lines as well as the new products available.

Advanced Graphic Library

+ Shapes Optimization – faster call-up invocation.
+ PV status indication analog shapes.
+ Control valve internal filling for OP indication.
+ Faceplate Enhancement integrated with Experion® faceplate.
+ Ramp Dialog box with options utilizing ramp time or ramp rate.
+ Improved alarm handling for quicker notification.
+ History Compare (Beta) – independent shape comparing  historized data with operating limits or value deviations.
+ Reference Trend invoked from each analog shape.
+ History time options.

Application Center

The hub for all configurations within the Lin & Associates’ ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”. It will have options for advanced or basic view settings.

DAT Ribbon (NEW)

A customizable pane containing Dock-able Applications and Tools to enhance an operator’s control environment. Currently it will host the LimitWatch application and Faceplate Enhancement configuration.

Three-Tier Navigation Menu

+ Drag-n-Drop display invocation.
+ Enhanced aesthetics.
+ Simplified menu creation with file import and Drag-n-drop modifications.
+ Intuitive menu property window.
+ Customizable cursor sensitivity.
+ LimitWatch integration.


+ Drag-n-drop configuration for quick setup & update.
+ Optimized infrastructure.

LoopWatch Monitor

+ Drag-n-Drop directly from displays.
+ Enhanced limit notification with larger icons and optional  message alarm capabilities.
+ Detachable trend object.
+ Simplified trend boundary and limit range changes.
+ Qualitative view integration.

LimitWatch (NEW)

+ Comprehensive design update for inaugural release.
+ Identification of unit health within defined guidelines.
+ Compares data on multiple displays.
+ Icon integration within Three-Tier Navigation Menu.