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ALTIUS Hi-Performance HMI Solution

Lin & Associates is proud to announce that ALTIUS HI-Performance HMI Solution TM v. 5.5! This ALTIUS release is compatible with Honeywell Experion R501. It contains many of the features and functionality that you have seen in the prior releases and as always a bit more!  Review the new advancements and improvements implemented in the ALTIUS product line.  If you have any question please feel free to contact us.  We would love to show this new solution!

+ Better security with encrypted credentials

+ Better visibility of HMI construction with a standalone shape audit tool

+ Next generation safety system graphics utilizing a new library of shapes

+ More complete alarming indication on shapes and within menu showing the new “Critical” alarm priority

+ Detailed alarm indication with the addition of showing journal alarm priority on shapes

+ Flexibility with Loopwatch notifications between multiple consoles

+ Dynamic custom faceplates provided to maintain consistency in operator interaction.

+ Flexibility to adapt trend colors to fit operational needs and environment


If you have any question please feel free to contact us.  We would love to show you this new solution!

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Lin & Associates is proud to announce our newest version of ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” v. 5.3 Patent Pending! Gear up with our latest release featuring optimized infrastructure and performance! ALTIUS will be your toolkit for scaling to the highest peaks of efficiency. Review the new advancements implemented in the ALTIUS product line:

+ History Compare – The ability to run a history comparison on points on a display just got better with four different time intervals (20 mins, 1 hr, 4 hrs, and 8hrs) plus now point data can be collected from both limits and tolerance.

+ Improved Alarm Indication – Alarming on valves and equipment now features a separate option to choose either outline or background fill of the shape in the alarm color. These options are selected in the style sheet.

+ Disabled and Inhibited Alarm Characters – The “D” and “I” characters representing the “disabled” and “inhibited” alarm states are now customizable allowing for the character and the background fill to be changed to any color combination desired. These changes are made in the style sheet.

+ New Shapes – A series of new indicator shapes have been added including the Indicator Calculation, Long Tag Indicator, Indicator Parameterized, and Indicator No Alarming Parameterized. These new shapes bring more functionality and versatility to our shape library.

+ New L2 Shapes – Several new shapes have been added to our Dashboard Library as well. As we continue to evolve the Level 2 graphic and how it displays information, new shapes will be created. The DPA (Dynamic Progression Awareness) vertical and horizontal bars, DPA Connector, and Alarm Group shape are just an example of these advancements.

*ALTIUS v 5.3 is Patent Pending