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Lin & Associates is proud to announce our newest version of ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution” v. 5.3 Patent Pending! Gear up with our latest release featuring optimized infrastructure and performance! ALTIUS will be your toolkit for scaling to the highest peaks of efficiency. Review the new advancements implemented in the ALTIUS product line:

+ History Compare – The ability to run a history comparison on points on a display just got better with four different time intervals (20 mins, 1 hr, 4 hrs, and 8hrs) plus now point data can be collected from both limits and tolerance.

+ Improved Alarm Indication – Alarming on valves and equipment now features a separate option to choose either outline or background fill of the shape in the alarm color. These options are selected in the style sheet.

+ Disabled and Inhibited Alarm Characters – The “D” and “I” characters representing the “disabled” and “inhibited” alarm states are now customizable allowing for the character and the background fill to be changed to any color combination desired. These changes are made in the style sheet.

+ New Shapes – A series of new indicator shapes have been added including the Indicator Calculation, Long Tag Indicator, Indicator Parameterized, and Indicator No Alarming Parameterized. These new shapes bring more functionality and versatility to our shape library.

+ New L2 Shapes – Several new shapes have been added to our Dashboard Library as well. As we continue to evolve the Level 2 graphic and how it displays information, new shapes will be created. The DPA (Dynamic Progression Awareness) vertical and horizontal bars, DPA Connector, and Alarm Group shape are just an example of these advancements.

*ALTIUS v 5.3 is Patent Pending

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Lin and Associates, Inc., announces the release of our fully bundled ALTIUS “Hi-Performance HMI Solution” v5.2, compatible with Honeywell Experion ® PKS R4xx. This product update features some real gems, including our ever-expanding Advanced Graphic Library, increased Three-Tier Navigation Menu functionality, and as always our continued attention to client’s needs.

Our Advanced Graphic Library just got a little more, well, advanced with the addition of Fieldbus graphics and more customizable operator options. Responding to our clients’ needs, a full Fieldbus Shape Library is now available with the typical controllers, indicators, control valves, and level bars. As with our other shape libraries, the Fieldbus shapes are Drag-N-Drop, Right-Click, and Faceplate enabled for closer monitoring and access to more advanced tools. The new Fieldbus shapes also sport our signature alarm color usage and information presentation consistency, as well as all our other customizable features our clients have grown to rely on. Furthermore, we also broadened our Advanced Graphic Library by adding increased operator control and personalization with the ability to set default Operating Limits, established at the managerial level, for specific process displays or the entire console. Additionally, operators can now visually alter their control environment by hiding ancillary objects and lines on the process displays. Based on an operator’s personal preference, excess screen-noise, such as instrument lines, vessel names, static equipment, and even indicators, can be reduced with just an icon click.

In the ALTIUS v5.2 release, the Three-Tier Navigation Menu also receives some increased functionality by way of the added Tabbed Menu. Embedded in the actual graphic, the Tabbed Menu automatically pools all associated graphics and arranges them in convenient, fully customizable tabs at the top of the process display. Accessible in the Application Center, the Tabbed Menu allows for more personalized options with left, center, or right alignment, adjustable pixel space between tabs, and fully changeable tab fonts and colors.

In adhering to our overall established aesthetic qualities and standards, ALTIUS v5.2 procures a little polish increasing usability and an overall streamlined experience. With the introduction of Object-based Yoking, the widget database is now dynamically updated with just a simple click. And finally, we have established product licensing with ALTIUS v5.2 making patches and upgrade notifications more automatic and specifically tailored.

We at Lin and Associates, Inc., strive to make all our products and services as efficient and effective as possible with advancing technologies and best practices so our clients reap the benefits when seconds count. We achieve this with your input and suggestions, so please tell us what you think and what you would like to see.


ALTIUS v5.2 Release Notes


Experion® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc

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Lin and Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce new long-term comprehensive licensing and services agreements with Phillips 66 Company [NYSE:PSX].  Lin and Associates will provide ALTIUS®, its High-Performance Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution, and related engineering services to enhance process operator user interfaces at Phillips 66 refineries.  Lin and Associates also will provide other consulting and engineering services through the agreements.  Phillips 66 selected ALTIUS® for its unified and standardized graphics library platform, and unique applications to improve operator efficiency and situational awareness.

ALTUIS® brings a number of features and applications together into a standard package, including:

  • Advanced Graphics Library with high-performance graphic “shapes” to enhance the operator interface
  • Three-Tier Navigation application for efficient navigation between graphics
  • Widgets to efficiently display trends, groups, mass balances, dashboards, event analyzers, and operator notes
  • LoopWatch Monitor application that enables efficient monitoring of multiple process variables
  • Limit Watch application that provides notification when process variables exceed defined limits
  • Alarm Informant application for an efficient means to access alarm documentation from the operator graphic

About Lin and Associates

Lin and Associates, Inc. is a private control system integration firm that provides industrial automation solutions to the Refining and Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power, and Mining industries.  Lin and Associates, Inc. specializes in the configuration, programming, and integration of leading distributive control systems in industrial process markets.  Lin and Associates, Inc. was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  For more information, visit www.linandassociates.com.

Press/Media contact: Technical contact :
Rob Allen Eric LeBlanc
Phone 602 954 5235 x104 Phone 602 943 5235 x103
mailto: Allen@linandassociates.com mailto Leblanc@linandassociates.com


This year’s Honeywell Users Group (HUG) reminds us of experiences years ago. Our host, Honeywell, all of the speakers and trainers did an outstanding job as always and it is exciting to see the attendance continue to rise year after year.  Many of you may have missed Lin & Associates in the demo room this year, unfortunately we were unable have a booth.  While overcoming some challenges we found huge success this year and a more focused and captivated audience.

The highlights this year consisted of the newly branded ALTIUS “Hi-Performance HMI Solution”, developed for Experion® R400 & R410. Without the constrains of the demo room hours, fatigue from standing, distractions, or interruption, Lin & Associates kept demonstrations running from 8am to 6pm.  This allowed us to really listen to our guests’ needs and suggestions. We received great positive feedback and look to build on the success.  Next year will prove to be another challenge for Lin & Associates as the venue has changed to San Antonio, Texas for 2014, but as always we are committed to exceeding expectations and providing the professional excellence our clients deserve.

If you were unable to see a full demonstration of ALTIUS please contact us, to schedule a personalized WebEx demonstration.

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Lin & Associates is proud to introduce our newest solution for your engineering needs – ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”.  Gear up with our latest release with optimized infrastructure & performance!  ALTIUS will be your toolkit for scaling to the highest peaks of efficiency.  Review the new features implemented in the existing product lines as well as the new products available.

Advanced Graphic Library

+ Shapes Optimization – faster call-up invocation.
+ PV status indication analog shapes.
+ Control valve internal filling for OP indication.
+ Faceplate Enhancement integrated with Experion® faceplate.
+ Ramp Dialog box with options utilizing ramp time or ramp rate.
+ Improved alarm handling for quicker notification.
+ History Compare (Beta) – independent shape comparing  historized data with operating limits or value deviations.
+ Reference Trend invoked from each analog shape.
+ History time options.

Application Center

The hub for all configurations within the Lin & Associates’ ALTIUS “HI-Performance HMI Solution”. It will have options for advanced or basic view settings.

DAT Ribbon (NEW)

A customizable pane containing Dock-able Applications and Tools to enhance an operator’s control environment. Currently it will host the LimitWatch application and Faceplate Enhancement configuration.

Three-Tier Navigation Menu

+ Drag-n-Drop display invocation.
+ Enhanced aesthetics.
+ Simplified menu creation with file import and Drag-n-drop modifications.
+ Intuitive menu property window.
+ Customizable cursor sensitivity.
+ LimitWatch integration.


+ Drag-n-drop configuration for quick setup & update.
+ Optimized infrastructure.

LoopWatch Monitor

+ Drag-n-Drop directly from displays.
+ Enhanced limit notification with larger icons and optional  message alarm capabilities.
+ Detachable trend object.
+ Simplified trend boundary and limit range changes.
+ Qualitative view integration.

LimitWatch (NEW)

+ Comprehensive design update for inaugural release.
+ Identification of unit health within defined guidelines.
+ Compares data on multiple displays.
+ Icon integration within Three-Tier Navigation Menu.



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Lin & Associates is proud to announce the most anticipated release of the Advanced Graphic Package. The focus of the AGP V4.0 is to provide operators with an effective tool, that is not only intuitive and user-friendly, but will also give them a greater opportunity for success in plant operations. Coupled with abnormal situation awareness and human factors, the qualitative viewing option within each shape has changed the standard approach to high performance HMI. The AGP V4.0 has moved years ahead of it’s competition. Customers can’t wait to implement this package and see the benefits first hand.

For a demonstration of the Advanced Graphic Package V4.0 or to receive additional user information please contact Lin & Associates. A private/group WebEx or a personal on-site demonstration can be scheduled at your convenience.