Lin and Associates, Inc. has reached an agreement with APC Performance, LLC to acquire its patented Model-less Multivariable Control (XMC) technology.  Under this agreement, Lin and Associates will be bringing revolutionary technology to many automation platforms with legal methods you may learn here.

Lin and Associates’ customers can now take advantage of multivariable control technology to solve many small to mid-sized multivariable process control applications within their operating plants.   The XMC technology delivers robust back-end control that executes natively in DCS and PLC platforms and integrates seamlessly with Lin and Associates’ industry-leading ALTIUS® Hi-Performance HMI Solution.

We look forward to working closely with our clients to offer them this exciting and promising new frontier of Advanced Process Control,” says Eric LeBlanc, VP of Technology at Lin and Associates.  “The XMC technology enables customers to close an important gap in modern process automation between the limited abilities of advanced regulatory control and the high-level demands of conventional multivariable control, all while being cost-effective in initial implementation and ongoing maintenance.”

Model-Less Multivariable Control (XMC)

“I’m excited about this development with Lin and Associates and the opportunity it represents to take the XMC technology to the next level in industry.  XMC has the potential to be a game changer in this important APC space,” says Allan Kern, P.E., Owner of APC Performance LLC.  APC Performance was founded in 2013 as a research effort to understand the performance and maintenance aspects in current solutions and successfully developed and patented the XMC control method, along with its single-loop counterpart, Rate-Predictive Control (RPC).

The addition of the XMC and RPC technologies to Lin and Associates’ portfolio strengthens our overall business goals and capabilities in the process control industry and we are truly excited to explore their capabilities with our clients.

Model-less Multivariable Control (XMC)