Advanced Graphic Library

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    Lin & Associates’ Advanced Graphic Library (AGL) provides an engineering framework for the creation of a complete HMI operator interface solution. The library includes easy-to-use tools and field-tested dynamic object sets and components, which provide important operating and engineering improvements.

    Key Benefits:

    • Increase operator effectiveness and efficiency
    • Optimize display performance
    • Intuitive, user-friendly interface following situation awareness
    • Reduce operator error in an abnormal condition
    • Encourage proactive operations
    • Easy maintainability with less operational confusion
    • Enhance change management and quality
    • Customizable to fit individual workflow

    Dynamic Object Library

    The dynamic object library is designed to make the job of display building and maintenance much simpler. Options and features on each dynamic object allow for greater flexibility and reduce the overall number of dynamic objects required thus reducing engineering costs.

    Key Features:

    • Extensive libraries of dynamic objects for any required point type
    • Safety Instrumented System (SIS) library for interlock graphic or logical flow charts
    • Enhanced shortcut menus with greater functionality
    • Qualitative process data indication utilizing operating limits
      • Taking typical process data and transforming it into decision-making information
    • Pre-built stylesheet themes and a stylesheet editing tool
    • Faceplate enhancements appearing in conjunction with standard faceplates
    • Consistent presentation of alarms and process information
    • Dual-coding of key process indication like alarms, equipment status, and normal status indication
    • HMI templates and screen layout template
    • Dynamic and intuitive trending capabilities on a per point, display, or system basis
    • Quick SP/OP adjustments from historized values or provided percentages

    Although DCS platforms are different the goal of this library is to provide a feature-rich set of objects that will promote proactive operations. Many of the feature listed are cross-platform compatible. Consult Lin and Associates regarding your specific DCS platform.

    SIS Library

    Safety Instrumented System (SIS) library permits operators to effectively consolidate a solution that includes all signals and design logic related to Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) and an output within a single graphic. The SIS library provides dynamic objects and tools that help the operator easily navigate during an SIF failure and/or tripped condition. The operators can quickly determine the cause of the trip, output associated to the shutdown, and the required actions during SIF maintenance activities or supervised start-up steps.

    Alarm Informant

    Lin & Associates’ Alarm Informant is a powerful tool that has been met with high reviews within the industry. It is an operator invoked pop-up display that provides a central location for alarm settings and related action information. This information is easily accessible by operations from any operational graphic helping describe the causes, recommended responses, and potential consequences of an alarm and the process to safely handle the alarm when it occurs.

    Key Features:

    • Easily Accessible Data through right-click menu
    • Alarm Priority Specific Information
    • Auto Navigation to Alarm Actions/Scenarios
    • Discrepancy indication between DCS & master alarm database


    Widgets are highly functional accessory tools that enable operators to closely monitor specific points in a process flow. Utilizing additional widescreen space without stretching the process graphic, widgets allow for a more customized workspace displaying critical information at a glance. Drag-n-Drop functionality is available for operators to choose what additional data they prefer to have onscreen ensuring point fluctuations will not go unnoticed.

    Key Features:

    • Ability for yoking saved operator configuration with displays
    • Drag-n-Drop functionality for easy setup and customization
    • Add-on operational tools available to fit existing HMI layout

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