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    The Lin and Associates’ Dashboard Library presents a complete process overview. The library is designed to encourage pro-active operations providing early identification of areas of concern before an alarm; thus promoting safety, efficiency and prolonged equipment lifecycles.

    Key Benefits:

    • Know your process health at a glance
    • Dynamic Progressive Awareness Technology
    • Quick focused guide to problem area
    • Adhere to quality, safety, and environmental targets
    • Customizable to fit control room layout and functions

    Lin and Associates values client input in evolving a solution. Understanding your needs and incorporating our experience across several industries allows us to tailor your dashboard(s) specifically for your site. Our tools and techniques result in a dashboard that is easily maintained and supportable across platform releases. The library consists of custom icons for key process variables (flow, level, pressure, & temperature) designed for quick and easy identification. Bars, trends, gauges, and other images can also be used to convey additional information not just more data.

    Dynamic Progressive Awareness (DPA) is patented technology developed specifically for monitoring overall process health. With these shapes plant personnel are able to observe real-time movement of point parameter value in relation to operator defined limits.

    Additional Library Features:

    • Pattern / Contrast / Color indication for process unit conditions
    • Current operating conditions relative to steady state
    • Associated KPI clustering for focusing on areas of concern
    • Operating limit, setpoint deviation, or target deviation abilities
    • Optional interactive functions to fix control room design:
      • Mouse-over functionality to reveal detail point information
      • Faceplate call-up
      • Right-click menu functionality

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