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    Lin and Associates’ LoopWatch Monitor tool assists operators in becoming more effective in mitigating potential process upsets and/or adhering to quality targets. Operators are able to observe critical process variables without having to build a unique graphic, trend or group. LoopWatch eliminates the dependence of using the alarm system for control, thus reducing variability and ultimately providing a more profitable mode of operation.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhanced mitigation of process upsets
    • Adhere to quality, safety, and environmental targets
    • Proactive monitoring and correction
    • Improve operator effectiveness and focus
    • Modular application

    LoopWatch utilizes a custom algorithm to monitor values, and calls attention to boundary exceedance by providing visual and audible indication. These boundaries are customizable (per point) using the built in trend window.

    Clicking the arrow reveals a trend showing a change in the point’s value within the specified time. Clicking the numeric value displays a configurable trend. The operator can customize the displayed trend, from 20 minutes to 8 hours.

    Additional Features:

    • Visual/Audible indication of high/low exceedance
    • Right-click menu functionality
    • Drag-n-Drop directly from display
    • Supported on DCS platforms with existing HMI solution

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